Hometown: Asunción- Paraguay


Current Location: Madrid – España.


Birthday:September 18


Sign of the Zodiac: Virgo


Height: 171 cm


Weight:My normal weight out of season is around 65 kilos and in competition 60 or 58 kilos.


Occupation: Student of crew of passengers.


Athletic Experience: I have been competing since May 2015, in several regional and national competitions, and in September 2016 I was my first international in the European Arnold.


Hobbies/Interest:Read and learn languages ​​and cultures.


Favorite body part: I love my shoulder!


Favorite Exercises: Shoulder shoulders and military press.


Favorite Movie:I am more of series, but one of my favorite films are, I before you, the diary of noa and frida.


Favorite Kinds Music: I like all kinds of music, but I’m more pop.


Sport: I have always liked tennis and rhythmic gymnastics. I do not practice any of them. Rare, yes.



Instagram INSTAGRAM: @pereznatu


Facebook FACEBOOK: Natalia Pérez atleta bikini fitness


What are your running sports or hobbies? I like to run in the morning, and the gym is like a therapy if I do not train, it’s like I’m missing something.


What are your first 3 goals for the future? Finish the studies. Work from what I like. Be happy.

  What is something that people do not know about you?How did you get into the gym and compete? I started in the gym when I was 17 years old, everything started for a simple hobby since leaving the school was with friends to go to train, the years passed and in 2014 I noticed the bodies of the fitness bikini category, inform me About it and decided to compete, and once in this I have not been able to stop I love them.  

 Who do you respect in the fitness industry? All! Anyone who practices this sport deserves all my respect.


How does your social life and fitness life balance? It’s a bit complicated, but I’m lucky that my family and friends understand it very well, and that helps me make things easier.